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Lyssy Beefmasters would like to thank the buyers and sale staff that helped make our second heart of the herd production sale a success.


From Thailand to Louisiana, this years sale truly made a global impact. Lots were comprised of herd sire prospects, pairs, breds, and open females, as well as semen and embryo lots. Thank you to our partner G4 Ranches for contributing some of these elite cattle. 



Lot 1, pick of the sale


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2018 Sale

The initial Heart of the Herd Production Sale was such a success and blessing! We cannot thank our buyers and supporters enough for their trust in our genetics! The sale started off strong by auctioning off Lot 1 as the PICK of all live lots in the sale! This was the first time this has been done at a Beefmaster sale and we think the response was overwhelming! The excitement and energy stayed high throughout the entire sale! We had purebred and commercial buyers from all over the nation and Mexico!

Thank you again to all who supported us through the experience of our first ever production sale!