The Lyssy Beefmasters’ donor pen is one that has been meticulously polished to help diversify genetic outcrosses while maintaining the fundamentals of the Lyssys’ program. The Lyssys have purchased and raised numerous outcross females who have earned their place as cornerstones to their herd. These females have raised extremely prolific daughters, aiding in their ability to offer progeny out of high quality, consistent cows.

Lyssy’s Gypsy

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DAM: C990478

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We take a lot of pride in our bloodlines and EPD's. Please feel free to explore our donors below that haven't had a photo taken, yet still have so much value to offer. 

Jewella 004 - C1002667

Lyssy 93/688 - C1040105

Lyssy 107/133 - C1099124

EMS Big Hunka Love - C1075926

VFF Ms 4/2 - C1020703

Ellis Opal - C1075145

Lyssy 96/872 - C1084982

Lyssy’s Marilyn - C1043635

CJ 1755 - C1098343

490/9 - C985409

Miss Tabasco 929/4 - C915230

Lyssy’s Karma - C1039642

The culmination of years of breeding proven cow families gives the Lyssy 

family the ability to sell cattle based on predictability. 

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Lauren Lyssy: (210) 414 2119

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