In 1972, Henry Lyssy started Lyssy Beefmasters in Stockdale, Texas. 



Henry’s passion for ranching was passed on through his family, creating a lifestyle for his children and grandchildren. The herd was passed on to Henry’s sons, Lawrence and George, and is now managed by his grandson, Lauren. Our family has spent several decades improving the herd and striving for the perfect combination of performance and phenotype.

Our program, based on multi-trait selection, creates proven outcrosses exhibiting performance and predictability.

This program allows us to deliver the demands of marketability and reputable pedigrees to both registered cattle breeders and commercial cattlemen.

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Our goal is to sell cattle with proven performance to both

seedstock and commercial cattlemen

This has been our mentality through the development of our herd as we work to stay on the forefront of the beef industry. We continually seek out new ways to measure and test our genetics against the industry, reaching well beyond the Beefmaster breed.


Lyssy Beefmasters has been 

recording feed efficiency data the longest of competing 

Beefmaster genetics, offering bull buyers an invaluable 


Not only are the bulls backed by EPDs, you have access to feed conversion data on each bull, eliminating a lot of the risk in buying great genetics. 

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